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Ruby Mountain offers a broad and fascinating study of life’s most profound mysteries.

The Ruby Mountain Journey

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Welcome to the Seven Trails of Ruby Mountain Journey 

The Seven Trails of Ruby Mountain

The Ruby Mountain Course consists of  video and written material along 7 Trails, or themes. Trail One, for example, is all about the ‘Unseen Worlds’; our aura, the astral realm, atmospheres and much more. 

How does it work?

Ruby Mountain allows a person to study at their own pace, alone or with others, the most intriguing and pressing questions of all, about life, existence, mysteries, considering both ancient and new wisdom. with special development techniques and tools.

There are 7 Trails, themes. There are 14-18 lessons in each Trail. Lessons are available daily, but set your own pace!  

The new ‘mountaineer’ may join a lively whattsapp group to receive meeting invites, news etc.

The PDF material is available in seen different languages. The video lessons are on YouTube and therefore subtitles can be activated. 

Live meetings and the Whattsapp groups are available in Portuguese.

Meet your Zoom Online Ruby Mountain Trail guides!

Colin Spenley

Colin is a professional Lifecoach, holisitc Therapist and author of ‘The School of Master Lao’. He has been studying and teaching the Emin studies since 1985. Originally from New Zealand he now lives in Salvador, Brazil.


Maiana Kokila

Maiana Kokila is from Brazil and has studied the Emin works for over 10 years. Having seen personal transformation and the wonderful results in others, she now loves sharing the rich, helpful understandings within the Ruby Mountain studies. 

Darren Carville

Darren has had a life long passion for discovering and understanding the great questions and deeper mysteries of life. A published author, musician, designer and artist, he has over 30 years of experience in presenting the broad ranging subject matter of the Emin studies. He is dedicated to passing on the knowledge and ways of this renaissance of natural human purpose that the onsetting future is now calling for.

He lives in New Zealand with his wife and children.

Nicholas Turner

Nicholas Turner has spent more than 40 years discovering and understanding the universe’s natural laws in order to reveal truths of life and human existence. He is passionate about sharing these understandings and has been a teacher of Emin studies for more than 30 years in five different countries.

Nicholas is originally from England and now lives in Israel.

Karni Zor

Karni is an astrologer and author, leading workshops worldwide with 20 years of experience.

She has taken part in the Emin way for the last 16 years, and lives in Maale Zvia, the Emin village in Israel. She is married and a mother of two.

She has a B. A in archaeology and M. A. In comparative religions / theologies. 

The Team

There is a team of helpers behind Ruby Mountain!

Technical department and different guest presenters including storytellers, Jesters and musicians!

They all made it happen and add to the richness of the Journey!     

Please read our Terms and Conditions for all registered members.

What are Emin Studies?

The Emin or Template is a rare and special approach to the great, important questions of life; connecting the dots of life’s many great mysteries into a coherent framework of understanding, an interwoven knowledge platform for the intrepid developer and a fresh, neutral approach for the spiritual searcher.

It began in London in 1971, spread through the world and today has many communities (some are called “Templates”) in many countries around the globe.

Meetings, studies, seminars have mostly been live on location throughout the Emin’s rich history. With the increasing ease of online engagement more people are accessing these incredible studies far from any physical meeting location. Find your nearest Template by contacting us!

The word ‘Emin’ itself means “that which is faithful” – referring to the intrinsic laws, qualities and energies we can see in nature and life. It’s a form of study that provides a neutral platform for understanding that one can check for oneself in nature. It is unaffiliated with any religion or group.

The Ruby Mountain Journey should not be considered as an official Emin course nor does it imply Emin membership.