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Ruby Mountain

A visual tour and presentation of what you might find on the Ruby Mountain Journey…

A journey through the deep mysteries of live, with fresh perspectives and energies mixed with ancient wisdoms.

Written material, videos, blog, live meetings…

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The 7 Trails of Ruby Mountain

Each Trail an extraordinary theme, each theme a series of video and written studies. 

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Palestras, entrevistas e discussões incríveis sobre os tópicos da Montanha Rubi!



A few moments to immerse into the frequency of BLUE, wherein lies that essence sought by all: PEACE 

Energy Detox

We had an excellent DETOX process! Look what participants said: 

“I had a problem with my breath…for the past 3-4 days…right after the exercise my breath was fuller than before, my lungs had opened up…” D. Turkey 

“Wow, fantastic meeting! …After the DETOX I realized that my aches in my face (teeth and gums) and left leg were GONE…” A. England

“My pains are down to 0% after many days…” B. Colombia

Invite Detox English

The Original Energies of Christmas

A brief but vital look at some of the original forces behind this time of year. 

Further insights and ideas in the Blog of the Ruby Mountaineers. 

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Trail One Extract: Auras, Tattoos & Halos

This is a small extract from a conversation about the theme of TRAIL 1 – The human aura and unseen worlds about us.

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On your personal Ruby Mountain Journey you will  learn how to see, sense, clean and protect your aura and the atmospheres at home.

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The Visitors

This is a small extract from Trail 6 of the Ruby Mountain journey, the Universe and I.

Seaire (Darren Carville) goes deeply  into considerations about this amazing subject. 

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Titanic Telepathy

This is a small extract slice from the Ruby Mountain Channel. The talk was on human and animal telepathy and this true amazing story of telepathy and the Titanic came up.

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Essence Art

What is Essence Art?

A small extract from the Ruby Mountain study of  “essence art” in Trail 1 of the Ruby Mountain Course Journey.

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Tsunami Telepathy

Another mini-extract with a remarkable story from the Ruby Mountain channel conversation on pet telepathy.

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Solstice Energies Mystery Contemplation

A Soft Mystery Meditation at the special time of a Solstice. 

The Star and the Arts… The Spin and the Spine… The Pines and the Pineal gland…The Presents and the Presence… The Fir and the Fire…. 

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