Frequently Asked Questions

Common inquiries regarding Ruby Mountain


Yes, currently, we offer the weekly written materials in the following languages; English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish, Russian, Croatian and Chinese.

The videos can be watched with the Youtube subtitles option.

The live zoom engagements are mostly in English, but live subtitling will be available soon.

There are also online zoom meetings in Portuguese.

These seven subjects consistently reappear as essential themes in human development and personal evolution. We have grouped related themes into each Trail, for example the aura and the study of atmospheres under the general theme of the ‘energy worlds’ – Trail 1. This allows an ease of assimilation in an otherwise even more enormous landscape.   

This knowledge comes from many years of study across the diverse areas involved by the mountain guides who have all been students of the Emin or Template method of study for some decades. This is an independent, neutral (non-religious in the classic sense) way of approaching life’s mysteries from observable the study of natural laws, common sense and personal sensing registration. 

The optional online meetings are live and engaging, where any of the lessons of the 7 Trails of Ruby Mountain may be looked at, exercises and meditations undertaken.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the “Start your Journey” page and register your username and email. 
  2. Select form of payment.
  3. Access your material through your Dashboard
  4. If you’d like to come to a zoom meeting, enter in touch through the contact form. 

To access the material – yes. 

For meeting and Whattsapp group participation – no. There is an agreement made between student and Ruby Mountain that requires concordance from both parties that:

The call particpant is older than 18. 

No Drugs, no politics, no promoting of belief systems, religions etc.

Reasonable, decent behaviour: If the attitude or behaviour of a particpant falls outside what is considered decent and respectful by the administration team, it may lead to removal from zoom calls and whatssapp particpation. 

Please read our full Terms and conditions.

Hopefully in the future this will be an option, but for now the Trails run in sequence.

Trail 1 can be purchased separately, see PRODUCTS. 

The cost is USD $297.00 at present, available in ten payments. Meeting particpation is includedduring this time, and afterwards set at USD27.00 a month.

Scholarships are available in sincere cases. 

Every day a course lesson meeting becomes available. There are seven trails with between 14-18 lessons in each. People rarely study a lesson a day as there is a lot to assimilate.  

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If you have further questions, please use our get in touch using our form contact form