Ruby Mountain

The Ruby Mountain Journey

A year of personal transformation and inner strengthening. 

     Each Trail consists of 14-18 lessons, in PDF and video, that come available every three days. 

You may wish to join the lively fortnightly zoom meetings with the Team to discuss the diverse subjects, train in the exercises and meet the other students.  

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The Ruby Mountain Journey


A Journey of personal development and increasing well-being.

Methods and techniques to apply immediately into our daily lives.

Seven Trails, themes, that lead to new panoramic perceptions about life, ourselves and the universe.

NB: Each lesson has written and video content. 

Trail 1: The Unseen Worlds in and about us.

Your personal energies and energy field. Practical techniques for clearing, charging & protection.

Trail 2: The Universal Laws, in big and in small.

Balance your life. Integrate into your life the same great, natural laws that makes the stars shine and planets spin!

Trail 3: Know thyself (and others) though the ancient art of detection.

To know oneself is an essential component of personal growth and dealing harmoniously with others.

Trail 4: Quality, Quality, Quality – development of life´s most essential essences.

How to develop in oneself the strong, fine universal qualities we long for in life.

Trail 5: The Human Temple. Our mysterious inner selves, the chambers of the world within us.

The amazing intelligences and energies within the human body and its electrical systems.

Trail 6: The Universe and You: galaxies, stars, suns, planets, moons and human development.

What is our place and purpose within the systems within within systems that the universe is? 

Trail 7: The Mind, Mentality, Brains and Emotions.

The incredible last frontier of discovery: our own mind and emotions.


The Ruby Mountain Journey starts with Trail 1: how to clean and clear your personal energy systems, how to clear energies in the house and workplace. There are video demonstrations and clear step-by step orientations.  Learn how to protect yourself energetically and much more.  

From there the we journey through to Trail 2, the powerful universal laws and how they apply to day-by-day living.

Then on to Trail 3: ‘Know thyself’, through the ancient detection arts.

Trail 4 helps us develop those incredible qualities that we know that we need.

Trail 5 is about the ‘human temple’;  secrets of the body and its energetic dimension.

In Trail 6 we journey out to the sun, stars and galaxies and consider their true relevance in our lives and development possibility.

Trail 7 opens up the question of the brain, mind and emotions coming from an ‘energy perspective’.

It’s an incredible Journey of inner and outer discovery.  And all you need to take is you.