Ruby Mountain


TRAIL 3: Know Thyself

That most ancient wisdom and council that passed through the ages.

This subject brings in many fascinating dynamics of detection: reading faces, reading body language, knowing one’s ‘element’ and much more. It allows you to know your strong and weak point points and certainly helps relationships immensely as you start to have a new, fresh understanding of those around you -and why they might act like they do. 

Trail 3 Content:

  • The Importance of Knowing oneself, and others, through objective detection
  • The form of the head
  • The element incline (earth, air, fire or water)
  • Astrology 
  • Body Language
  • Numerology
  • Face reading (physiognomy) 
  • Hand reading ….and much more

All Trails have 14 – 20 lessons with complete video and PDF material. 

The Ruby Mountain Journey

Seven Trails, themes, that offer panoramic perceptions about life, ourselves and the universe.

Practical techniques for clearing, charging & protecting personal energies & space.

Integrating into daily life the same great Laws that makes the stars shine and planets spin!

Trail 3: Know thyself (and others) through the incredible art of detection.

New ways and ancient methods to understand oneself and others.

How to develop in oneself the fine, strong qualities we need in life.

The human body and its electrical systems; from basic through to high or sacred energies..

The bigger picture and purposes of the universe and our place in it.

The incredible last frontier of discovery: our own mind and emotions.

How does it work?!

Each 'Trail' is a territory of study focusing on natural laws, energies and intrinsic universal qualities.
The journey consists of written and video material available every 3 days, fortnightly (optional) 90 minute live meetings, recordings and exclusive community content and communications.
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What Our Students Have to Say

"Ruby Mountain is a very complete series for anyone interested in growing their well-being and focusing on personal development. This "online journey" gave me all the necessary tools to have more emotional and mental stability, and it gave me much more than expected. I definitely recommend it to everyone."
Ana Clara Trinchão
"The studies of Ruby Mountain are opening portals in my consciousness...
Every day it’s like I see new and beautiful landscapes in life."
Rodrigo Belmonte Cascalles
"It is an awe-inspiring life journey that has allowed me to go deep into great mysteries and the spiritual world. I have been able to develop and achieve many transformations that were previously impossible in every aspect of my life.
There are invaluable and key tools to practice to develop intuition, inner power, values, strength and many other qualities and unresolved questions. Guided by great and inspiring leaders and teachers who provide the tools and knowledge necessaries that you are looking for with great love, clarity, humour passion and dedication. Thank you!"
Marcela Aguirre
"Ruby Mountain came available at the most ideal time, when the human was given a pause. I was provided with the vital tools to protect myself from electrical toxicity and received valuable truths, needed for personal growth. Starting with; making my home an energetically safe and clean ecology. Ruby Mountain gave me the opportunity to meet people from all around the world who are likeminded souls, all from the safety of my own room. I am now part of a special community, which has given me a sense of home, unity and settlement. My eyes have become opened to seeing life in completely different ways! Ruby Mountain lights up my world and has changed me for the better, I would highly recommend it to anyone who cares about their future."
Lottie Cowley
United Kingdom

What are the main benefits of the Journey?

Clear, rare understandings about human purpose.

Enhanced, fine sensitivity and awareness.

New control of personal energies.

Greater inner strength, peace, confidence and patience.

Elevated connections with life’s inner essence worlds.  

See you on the Mountain!


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